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Remember when you and your partner first met? Full of lust and excitement, can't wait to see each other next and rip each other's clothes off. If that is a far distant memory, you certainly aren't alone. We receive calls almost daily from couples both men and women contact us who are looking for alternatives to spice up their sex life. It's no secret, that most women who are currently in a heterosexual relationship and over the age of 25, have had at least two same sex encounters in their life.

This may be experimentation and or an underlying interest that often never goes away. Either way, most women aren't foreign to being with another woman, and most of them enjoy it. Yes gentlemen, it is likely your girlfriend or wife is bisexual; even if she isn't actively exploring her bisexuality. A Bisexual Female Escort can be the perfect answer to rejuvenating your stale sex life as a couple.

Let's be honest ladies, what guy doesn't fantasise about being with two women? Whether he can handle two of us or not, or how long will he last - well that is a different story! Either way, we haven't had a boyfriend or husband complain about their partner wanting to include another woman in to the mix.

MFF threesomes are really fun. It is very easy to coordinate your existing sexual interests, and in most instances further explore your sexual repertoire as a couple with an extra set of hands and holes. Where'd you'd normally only have one pair of lips available, you now have two. One tongue can only cover so much area at once, two tongues however can cover so much more area - at the same time. Ever experienced watching your partner be pleasured by someone else while he or she is watching you?

Now that is hot. Before speaking with reception, have a chat between yourselves. Think about any ground rules you may have or anything you may not be comfortable sharing with your bi fem Escort. Examples may be, deep passionate kissing DFK may only be allowed between you and your partner.

Male orgasm may only occur with penetration between you and your partner. It is important to remember that there are no set guidelines, as each and every couple is different, so are their rules, expectations and standards of one another.

Our Melbourne Escort Agency sends bisexual companions to couples most nights of the week. Yes that's right, it could be your lovely next door neighbor and you never even knew.

Maintaining the sexual attraction and excitement that is experienced at the beginning of any good relationship, gets more difficult as time goes on. Similar to trying a beautiful new Thai dish, after time - meh, same old. Even the random blowjob on the way to work becomes nothing too exciting. The appreciation diminishes with time. This is the issue. Now throw in the forever seemingly busy working schedule of the typical Melbourne couple; even less motivation and or time to want to be sexually intimate with one another.

Let alone be creative with it. Things that each partner would do for one another, stop being done. Time becomes and excuse, fatigue becomes an excuse. What continues to happen? You guessed it, nothing. Let's now through kids into this rapidly declining sexual disaster. Even less time, fatigue, frustration etc. Sex right at this point for many couples is almost non existent. Masturbation for men usually still happens, but not as often as it use to.

The female of the relationship is craving attention not necessarily sexual, but intimacy certainly will lead to sex from her partner. Due to the circumstances listed above, sadly both parties are becoming further and further distant; in the bedroom, and as a couple. A bisexual female Escort can help couples get their spark and mojo back. They can help couples reconnect with each other, bringing back those deeply buried feelings of sexual attraction between one and other.

Many females comment that upon hiring the services of a bisexual female Escort, they have never orgasmed so hard. That they now experience and feel that continuous, multiple orgasm feeling that continues to make their whole body shake and quiver. Some women have even told us that they never knew that they were 'squirters' till now.

A bisexual Escort can often be the ice-breaker that brings the two couples together again. This can occur on many levels, for many reasons. Many couples and individuals in general feel more comfortable telling their Escort exactly what they want in the bedroom, whereas they previously felt embarrassed to tell their partner.

You trust your partner with a credit card maybe you don't , yet you don't trust her or him to give you oral sex the way you like it?

Some couples report that seeing their partner enjoy intimacy and sex with an Escort, gives them a sense of jealousy that reminds them how much they really are attracted to them and love them. May sound strange, but if you haven't been in this situation, it is hard to imagine. Similarly, many couples never knew they had a voyeuristic side to them. Enjoying their partner experience intense pleasure with another woman. Coordinating a threesome, foursome or more, is often a lot more tricky than you think.

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